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Sex Workers Write About Their Clients

"Written entirely from the point of view of a class of workers who seldom get to speak for themselves, this collection illuminates the unique perspective they have on our culture. I was struck by just how intimate some hookers and hustlers get with their clients. They hear secrets, know intensely personal information, and see a side of their clients no one else does."
–The Village Voice

"An indulgently naughty and illuminating read... explores the true sexual, commercial, emotional, and cultural relationships between clients and prostitutes, escorts, dominatrixes, phone sex workers, strippers, porn actors, and even a sperm donor. Fun."
–New City (Chicago)

"If you want to know what it's like to be a whore, this book gives you the experience. It's so authentic and so well written... that I felt like I was back in the business."
–Annie Sprinkle

"Other people's sex lives are always interesting--we all love to hear the dirt--but the sex lives of professional escorts are more interesting than most. Tricks and Treats is full of wonderful, often hilarious, sometimes touching stories."
–Dan Savage

"Omigod, is this a delicious book or what!?...A painfully tantalizing must-read for every serious student of sex and gender, every feminist who's interested in the good-girl/bad-girl debate, and everyone who's harbored the secret longing to be a sex worker...It's a great book!"
–Kate Bornstein